1. Cobwebs


2. Do You Think?


3. Rabbit


4. Just In Time To Lose


5. Perfect Cheer


6. As Steady As We Can


7. It's Just Like This Love


8. The Last Wilderness 

Josh Roberts & the Hinges — It takes a special brand of talent to be both a crowd favorite and a musician’s musician; perhaps no one — locally, anyhow — exemplifies that kind of gap-bridging talent better than Josh Roberts and the Hinges. Musically dynamic yet accessible, lyrically poetic and fist-pump chant-worthy, the Hinges pack venues with their heady yet noodle-worthy tunes, yet their cohesive tightness and stellar harmonies (not to mention Roberts’ heroic guitar playing) still leave the most hardened musicians slack-jawed. P. Wall



Josh Roberts - Guitar, Vocals                                       

Keyboards, Percussion                           

Song Credit: 1-8


Corey Stephens - Bass, Vocals

Song Credit: 1-3,5,7,8


Leslie Roberts - Guitar, Vocals

Song Credit: 1,2,5,7,8


Dennis Ware - Drums, vocals

Song Credit: 1,2,5,7,8


Robert Walker - Guitar

Song Credit: 1,2,5,7,8


Ed Lemon, Jr - Guitar, Vocals


Ryan Monroe - Keyboard, Vocals

on "As Steady As We Can"


Nicole Hagenmeyer aka Nikki Lee

Vocal on "Just in Time to Lose"



Produce by Alan Moon

Recorded and Mixed by Alan Moon

Forged and Miled at

The Titillation Station

Masterd by Stuart Martin at

Stonebridge Music - Leesburg, VA


Design and Art Direction by

Matt Alsup, Red to Gray Creative

Photography by Matt and April Alsup

Skull provovided by Shaun Riffle