2nd The Sugar Bird Test

              1. Why I Never Killed


             2. Slowly, 16 Months


     3. Living Thing


               4. Prehistoric Marrow


        5. Lone, Distant


             6. Its Never Enough


          7. How'd You Get

                Giving Like This?


      8. Dandelion


9. Janey


               10. Hole in the Past


          11. I'll Come to

                       You in a Dream




The Band 


Josh Roberts  



Larry Gornto  

 Drums, Vocal


Robert Walker



     Joby Wetzel         




Nicole Hagenmeyer

sings Beautifully on 

track 2,6 & 7


   Assisted @ the Vocal 

Party on tracks

3,4,8 & 9 by my

friends; Ryan Monroe

Danielle Howle and

Nikki Lee




Engineered & Mastered by Bob Moore

@ Soundlab, Lexington

Mixed by Bob Moore, Josh Roberts and Larry Gornto

Produce by Josh Roberts and Larry Gornto

Artwork by Josh Roberts

Production Desig by Matt Alsup